Michel Streich: A conversation

We get into the head of the man who created the whimsical illustrations that feature in this years' Fiction Edition.

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31 August 2014 Author: Katherine Smyrk

Ed#466: Scribble, Scribble, Sc...

This year is the 10th anniversary of our annual Fiction Edition. Our Editor talks about this milestone for scribblers and readers around the country.

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29 August 2014 Author: Alan Attwood

The Big Issue at MWF

One of The Big Issue editors heads to the opening night of The Melbourne Writers Festival

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25 August 2014 Author: Katherine Smyrk

Quick Fix: Bingo Lingo

A reader's hobby has started to take over their life... Quick Fix is here to help.

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22 August 2014 Author: Sophie Quick

Ed#465: Tell it to the Trees

Associate Editor Melissa Cranenburgh discovers something special in the parking lot of The Big Issue offices.

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15 August 2014 Author: Melissa Cranenburgh

Quick Fix: Nuggets of Truth

A readers attempt at random kindness backfires. But Quick Fix comes to the rescue with her sage advice.

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5 August 2014 Author: Sophie Quick

Ed#464: It ain't you, babe

An open letter and apology from our Editor to Bob Dylan.

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1 August 2014 Author: Alan Attwood

An Age Old Problem

Homelessness and poverty don't discriminate. Sophie Quick talks to three older women who have found circumstances stacked against them.

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1 August 2014 Author: Sophie Quick

Quick Fix: The Love In

A reader struggles with the choice between two eligible bachelors.

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21 July 2014 Author: Sophie Quick

Ed#463: Flowers in the park

Editor Alan Attwood on why being homeless is not a crime, despite the condemnations of mainstream media.

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18 July 2014 Author: Alan Attwood