Our Program

Our Program

Since its launch in 2007, the Community Street Soccer Program has engaged more than 7000 homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people. Over this period, many participants have reported positive changes in their lives, thanks to the opportunities Street Soccer has created for personal outcomes in pre-employment, employment, health and housing.

In 2009, a La Trobe University study found improvements among participants in the following areas:

Pre-employment and employment

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved social interaction
  • Greater participation in training / work experience
  • Greater ability to obtain / improve employment


  • Reduced smoking
  • Improved health awareness
  • Relief of mental health symptoms


  • Improved housing situation

Benefits to the Community

In addition to the direct impact on individual participants, Street Soccer is a cost-effective social change program that saves money to the Australian taxpayer.

In 2009, an independent study on the program's economic impact found that participation in Street Soccer led to individual behaviour change and a reduction in high-risk activities.

The study estimated every $1 invested in the Street Soccer program generated a saving of $4.30 to the Australian community. Based on the program’s operating costs, it estimated that Street Soccer saved society $7 million per year.

The Street Soccer players are just incredible. They’ve actually made the choice to take on this tremendous challenge to turn their lives around. Craig Foster, ex-Socceroo and Street Soccer