Christmas Edition 2014

It’s big, it’s red and it’s covered in festive decorations. Yep, it’s The Big Issue Christmas Edition!

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04 December 2014 Issue no: 473

Hola Hollywood

Spanish actor Javier Bardem is gorgeous, talented and successful. But Hollywood’s relationship with Spanish-speaking actors is still muy complicado.

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20 November 2014 Issue no: 472

The Rich and The Rest

World leaders will soon gather at the G20 summit, Brisbane. The topic they should (but probably won't) address is soaring inequality around the globe.

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06 November 2014 Issue no: 471

Candy-Coloured Katy

She's colourful, she's sweet, she literally dresses up like candy... But is there more to Katy Perry than meets the eye?

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23 October 2014 Issue no: 470

Kiwis On Top

New Zealand used to be just our tiny neighbour with a strange relationship to sheep; but now the land of the Kiwi is on the way up.

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09 October 2014 Issue no: 469

The Hole Left Behind

Why Robin Williams' death may help people address the subject of suicide.

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26 September 2014 Issue no: 468

Kate Bush is Back

Kate Bush has always been hard to define. In this issue, different writers reflect on what Kate Bush means to them, and to music all over the world.

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12 September 2014 Issue no: 467

Take Me Away – Fiction Edition

It's the 10th anniversary of The Big Issue's annual Fiction Edition. This year the theme is 'Take Me Away'.

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29 August 2014 Issue no: 466

Wood for the Trees

Different writers branch out and talk about trees; logging in Tasmania, climbing Californian giants and a 13,000 year old eucalypt in NSW.

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15 August 2014 Issue no: 465

Who is Peter Capaldi?

It's time to get to know your Doctor: Scottish actor Peter Capaldi.

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01 August 2014 Issue no: 464

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