Frequently Asked Questions

What does a workshop involve?

  • Our 1 hour interactive workshops include a mixture of discussions, activities and a personal account of homelessness from a Big Issue Guest Speaker.

Can you come to my school?

  • For primary groups, we are happy to attend your school in metropolitan Melbourne. For secondary groups, we recommend that you come to our spaces in central Melbourne. We do charge a fee for travelling to schools.

What about other places?

  • For other cities, you can organise an eClassroom workshop for your students.

I'm a teacher in a rural or regional school. What resources do you have?

  • You can organise an eClassroom workshop for your students, and all online resources will be available to you and your students.

How much does a workshop cost?

  • Primary workshops $220 + GST 
  • Secondary workshops $300 + GST 
  • eClassroom workshops $220 + GST

What else can you recommend for me to do in the city?

  • Visit our resources page – some other organisations offer great ideas about activities in the city
  • Buy a copy of The Big Issue from one of our vendors!

How is this different from other homelessness programs?

  • The Big Issue is an independent, non-political, non-religious organisation.
  • Our social enterprise model means that guest speakers are paid and supported for sharing their stories with students.
  • Our guest speaker stories explore how people can become homeless, and also pathways out of homelessness. Students are referred to organisations that can help if they can relate to the materials discussed in the workshops.