20th Anniversary Edition


The Big Issue is celebrating a remarkable 20 years of providing life-changing opportunities for homeless and disadvantaged Australians. To celebrate, we've released a bumper edition of the magazine, highlighting some of the best content and achievements of the past two decades.

Don't miss out on this very special edition of The Big Issue. Buy a copy from your local vendor and check out some previews, extra content and favourite stories from our 20-year history below.

The Big(gest) Issue

The Big Issue is turning 20! To celebrate our departure from adolescence, we bring you stories from two crazy decades in our biggest ever edition. We travel fro...

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3 June 2016

Street Ink

A TERRACOTTA ANGEL (extract) Back in the mid-90s a support worker in Queensland gave me an angel made from terracotta. It has had a few falls over the years...

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14 June 2016Author: Big Issue VendorsIssue no: 513

Words From the Streets

In every edition of The Big Issue, there is a page called Streetsheet. For years it has held stories, poems, thoughts and musings from the people this organisat...

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9 June 2016Issue no: 513

Editorial: Twenty…and Still Gr...

When The Big Issue was launched 20 years ago, on the steps of Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station, only a handful of people had signed up to sell our maga...

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3 June 2016Author: Sonya Clancy and Steven PerssonIssue no: 513

The Italics Issue

Pedants, proofreaders and sticklers for style can get surprisingly animated about three words: “the”, “big” and “issue”. Sho...

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2 June 2016Author: Alan AttwoodIssue no: 513

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