Our Vendors

Our Vendors

The magazine is sold by authorised vendors on the streets of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra, as well as some major regional centres throughout Australia.

Our vendors come from a range of backgrounds including mental illness, homelessness, long-term unemployment, intellectual and physical disability, drug and alcohol dependency and family breakdown. All have been homeless, marginalised or disadvantaged through their circumstance and are looking to improve their lives.

By selling The Big Issue magazine, vendors have the opportunity to make positive life changes by earning an immediate income and re-engaging with society. Vendors buy magazines for $3.50 and sell them for $7, earning the difference.

All vendors are required to sign a vendor contract, which includes a code of conduct before they commence selling The Big Issue magazine. Vendors are provided with an identification badge and customers are encouraged to only buy a copy of the magazine from vendors with proper identification.

Vendors are not employees of The Big Issue. Their success as a vendor is therefore largely dependent on their own effort. Vendors may also derive income from a variety of sources in addition to their income from selling The Big Issue magazine.

There are more than 560 vendors working each fortnight across the country.

If you're interested in becoming a vendor, or know someone who might be, our vendor support offices offer training, referrals, support and motivation to vendors across Australia. Make an appointment at your nearest office of The Big Issue.