"I speak three other languages: French, German and Spanish. Itís been a lifetime of travel and I donít want to stop now." Meet Ronnie from Brisbane.

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15 September 2014

Paul D

Paul from Sydney has been sleeping rough for ten years, but recently he got some good news.

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1 September 2014


From being a child in 'Operation Babylift' to having 12 pet rats, vendor Garfield tells us a little about his life.

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15 August 2014


He's loves his grandma, fishing, talking to people on his CB radio and Simba the cat. Meet Greg from Melbourne.

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1 August 2014


Doug from Canberra talks amateur boxing, truck-driving and forgiveness.

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18 July 2014


"I like things how they are, taking things one day at a time." Meet Tanya from Geelong.

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4 July 2014


John talks ambition, ACDC and the good people of Sydney.

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20 June 2014


"I am so grateful to everyone who buys a magazine and stops for a chat." Meet Jock from Perth.

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10 June 2014


"You know, I love people. I canít see if they are fat or thin..." Meet Julie from Brisbane.

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26 May 2014


Talking bowling, Aussie Rules and Port Pirie with Adelaide vendor Ricky.

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9 May 2014

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