Enterprises & Programs

Enterprises & Programs - Helping People Help Themselves

Our enterprises and programs focus on providing our participants with the support and tools necessary to help them make positive changes to their lives. Here's how we do it:

The Big Issue Magazine

A fortnightly, independent magazine, which is sold on the streets by homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people. Vendors buy copies of The Big Issue for $4.50 and sell them for $9, keeping the difference. Learn more about The Big Issue magazine here.

Women's Enterprise

Provides work, training and pathway opportunities for homeless, disadvantaged and marginalised women through the sale of subscriptions to The Big Issue magazine. Learn more about the Women’s Enterprise here.

The Community Street Soccer Program

Uses the power of sport to promote social inclusion and personal change for homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people. Street Soccer provides weekly soccer training and support to men and women at 16 locations across the country. We also run the program in two Victorian correctional facilities. Learn more about the Community Street Soccer Program here.

The Big Issue Classroom

Educates school groups about homelessness, disadvantage, marginalisation and social enterprise. Participants hear from people who have experienced homelessness and disadvantage first-hand in an interactive workshop setting. Learn more about The Big Issue Classroom here.

The Big Idea

A social enterprise planning competition, The Big Idea challenges students at participating universities to develop a concept and business plan for a new social enterprise.  Students are offered unprecedented access to social entrepreneurs and experts across a variety of business sectors to help develop their ideas into viable business plans. Learn more about The Big Idea here.

Homes for Homes

Is a new initiative to increase Australia's supply of social and affordable housing. Homes for Homes encourages homeowners and organisations involved in property transactions to donate 0.1 per cent of a property's sale price to fund housing projects. Learn more about Homes for Homes here.