Editorial: Brand New

Russell Brand is a new man. The hairy hedonist who found fame as a frenetic, substance-fuelled comedian is now calmer, settled.

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19 October 2017 Author: Amy Hetherington

Editorial: Midnight Special

EXCLUSIVE: We hit the road with Midnight Oil.

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6 October 2017 Author: Amy Hetherington

Editorial: Being Human

The biggest takeaway for me has been that AI helps us to define what it means to be human: social connection and interaction; community and belonging.

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2 October 2017 Author: Amy Hetherington

Editorial: Dear John

Elton: Feel the Love

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12 September 2017 Author: Amy Hetherington

Editorial: Read is Good

The 13th Big Issue Fiction Edition is here!

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24 August 2017 Author: Katherine Smyrk

Letter to My Younger Self: Sha...

Shane Jacobson talks about his long road to Kenny, and all that has come since. 

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22 August 2017 Author: Amy Hetherington

Coming Up...

Something exciting is on its way...

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22 August 2017 Author: Thuy On

Q&A with Nick Earls

Nick Earls has written 26 books (so far) for adults, children and teenagers. So who better to help judge the stories for our 2017 Fiction Edition?

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21 August 2017 Author: Nick Earls

Paul Kelly Mix-Tape

Looking for something to listen to while you read the Paul Kelly edition of The Big Issue? Here you go!

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17 August 2017 Author: Michael Epis

Editorial: To Her Door

What made our Editor weep?

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14 August 2017 Author: Amy Hetherington