Quick Fix: A Safe Look

14 August 2013 Sophie Quick

Quick Fix: A Safe Look

Illustration by Michael Weldon

Dear Quick Fix,

I am a bold and gypsy-spirited young style-maverick who literally lives and breathes fashion. My personal aesthetic is very eclectic: I love to combine vintage pieces with high-street basics, thrift-store finds and random one-offs. Today, for example, I’m teaming a vintage Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket with Zara distressed denim dungarees, a Salvation Army horse-hair turban and a pair of clogs I stole from a skip outside a women’s prison in Rotterdam. The problem is that even though I am, by far, the most eclectic person I know, I have never been approached by a street-style fashion photographer.
How do I get the exposure I crave? Foiled Fashionista

Dear Foiled Fashionista,

Well, your whole eclectic thing is very pre-austerity. In these tough economic times, it’s all about playing it safe. And by ‘safe’, I don’t mean ‘Jennifer Aniston in Valentino on the red carpet again’; I mean occupational health and safety. Think hardcore protective apparel: hazmat suits, industrial goggles, ballistic vests, astronaut helmets. Anything that says biohazard disaster relief, intergalactic brain-tissue protection, explosives deactivation and industrial hygiene is now on trend. Keep it sleek: a nuclear vacuum suit, a cute gas mask and you’re done. Also, please return my clogs. I accidentally lobbed them over the prison walls while serving time for impersonating a Dutch underwater bomb-disposal diver at Rotterdam Fashion Week. Quick Fix

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