Vendor Luke Interviews Hughesy!

12 March 2014 Luke

Vendor Luke Interviews Hughesy!

Illustration by James Armstrong

Adelaide Big Issue vendor Luke knows an opportunity when he sees one. While out selling The Big Issue magazine at the Fringe Festival in Adelaide, he bailed up headline comedian Dave Hughes for an interview. In this wide-ranging interview – covering everything from comedy to casseroles – Hughes shares his views on Adelaide hospitality, the future of stand-up and The Big Issue magazine.

Luke: What do you think about The Big Issue?

Dave: I think it’s great. A couple of times I have done the celebrity selling, where they get a celebrity to sell the magazine. I sold a quite a few! So, mate, I always pick up The Big Issue, every edition.

L: How did you become involved in stand-up comedy?

D: I thought I was funny as a kid. I had it in my head that I was going to try stand-up comedy one day so I went to an open-mic night when I was 22 and just went for it. I’m still at it 20 years later.

L: Do you enjoy coming to the Fringe Festival in Adelaide?

D: It’s a great time in Adelaide. I just love the vibe around town for this month.

L: What do you think about Adelaide generally?

D: I like Adelaide – everyone is really friendly. I went out to AAMI Stadium to hang out with the Adelaide Crows co-captain, Patrick Dangerfield, and got a tour. And, at the place I’m staying, the next-door neighbour gave me a casserole!

L: What has been the highlight of your career?

D: When you get to the point of putting on a show in a theatre, and you can fill it up, that’s pretty good. That first happened for me at the Melbourne Comedy Festival about 15 years ago. From there it’s just been fun

L: Have there been any low points?

D: When you’re broke, when you’re trying to be funny and no one is laughing at you – that’s a low point. There are low points when you do a joke and it’s doesn’t work. But generally there are more highs than lows.

L: Do you have any advice for anyone who might want to become a comedian?

D: Life is funny. All you have to do is see the funny side of life and you can be comedian. If you’re selling The Big Issue or you’re on stage telling jokes, you can be a comedian.

L: Who is your favorite comedian?

D: Richard Pryor – he’s brilliant.

L: What is the future of stand-up in your eyes?

D: Stand up is just people coming to see a show and laughing at the silliness of life. Stand-up comedy will thrive, I think, because it’s a simple, natural art form.

Luke sells The Big Issue in Adelaide.

Dave Hughes is appearing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Sydney Comedy Festival. Dates and details here.