Quick Fix: Name Game

8 July 2014 Sophie Quick

Quick Fix: Name Game

Dear Quick Fix,

I try to be a polite person, but I forget people’s names as soon as I learn them. For a while I tried a rhyming technique that linked the person’s name with an obvious physical trait. It didn’t work –  partly because I couldn’t help saying the rhyme out loud and partly because I’m a terrible rhymer. (“Pleased to meet you, Mandy! Mandy, who has dand…ruff.”) I’ve tried scribbling names down on Post-it notes and subtly sticking them to people when they walk away. But Post-its don’t stick well to all fabrics and I have been ejected from networking events for ‘creepy rubbing’ and ‘violent slapping’. Help!
Nameless Nobody

Dear Nameless Nobody,

If you can’t remember a person’s name, it’s usually best just to take a stab in the dark. Your first guess should always be a nice, straightforward name like ‘Olivia Newton-John’. I’ve been calling my butcher and his apprentice ‘Olivia Newton-John’ for years. Neither of them has ever corrected me, so I can only assume that my first guess was spot-on in both instances. Quick Fix

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