Quick Fix: Nuggets of Truth

5 August 2014 Sophie Quick

Quick Fix: Nuggets of Truth

Dear Quick Fix,

I love to practise random acts of kindness. Lately, I’ve been carrying a bag of chicken nuggets around with me, and subtly dropping them into the pockets and handbags of strangers as I go about my day. It gives me such a boost to know that I am surprising and delighting so many people! So, I was taken aback when a businessman punched me at a pedestrian crossing yesterday, after he caught me unclipping his briefcase and delivering a deep-fried golden donation. Where did I go wrong?

Nugget Fairy


Dear Nugget Fairy,

Well, your random acts aren’t really random, are they? What we’re really talking about here is actually a series of carefully orchestrated, nugget-specific interventions. And you’re not meeting the definition of kindness either, because nobody wants a sweaty old nugget without an accompanying dipping sauce. The truth is, Nugget Fairy, your random acts of kindness will continue to look like weird acts of terrorism until you start alternating nuggets with party pies. And providing condiments.

Quick Fix

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