Quick Fix: Adverse Advice

27 January 2015 Sophie Quick

Quick Fix: Adverse Advice

Dear Quick Fix,

It has come to my attention – in your last column (Ed#474) – that you are a fraud. Without any apparent shame, you blithely confessed: “I would never have gotten my job as an advice columnist if I hadn’t asked my uncle…to write me a gushing reference in the guise of Angela Lansbury.” I cannot let this pass, even though I was never a fan of Murder, She Wrote. Our good name rests on readers trusting us, but you have shamelessly outed yourself as a phoney. I now must take seriously the suggestion that you have, indeed, been writing all these letters yourself. (Except this one.) You are fired. Pack up your pencils and go.

Mr Ed


Mr Ed,

See if I care. At least now you might stop flooding my Inbox with all your own strange and sad little queries: Will I ever make it as a wizard?; Should I put my uncle in an omelette?; Do birds have ears? etc. I could always tell when it was you.

Quick Fix