Quizling: AC/DC

20 October 2015 Pete Cruttenden

Quizling: AC/DC

Illustration by Michael Weldon

1          Which of the following bands has sold more albums worldwide than AC/DC?

a          U2

b          The Rolling Stones

c          Queen

d          Pink Floyd

e          All of the above

f           None of the above


2         George Young, older brother of Malcolm and Angus, was a guitarist in which famous Australian group?

a          Chain

b          The Masters Apprentices

c          The Easybeats

d          Daddy Cool


3         Which of the following is not the name of an AC/DC song?

a          ‘Big Balls’

b          ‘Balls to the Wall’

c          ‘She’s Got Balls’

d          ‘Got You By the Balls’


4         For what reason were AC/DC songs banned from radio play in the USSR in 1985?

a          Religious mysticism and sadism

b          Eroticism and cult of personality

c          Sex and religious obscurantism

d          Neo-fascism and violence


5          Angus Young performed as Zorro, Spiderman and a gorilla before adopting his signature schoolboy outfit.

a          True

b          False


6         What was the name of the album released by Australian punk rockers Frenzal Rhomb in 2006?

a          Malcolm Young Americans

b          Too Much Too Malcolm Young

c          Forever Malcolm Young

d          Malcolm Young and the Restless


7         What was the official cause of death listed on Bon Scott’s death certificate?

a          Acute alcohol poisoning

b          Pulmonary aspiration of vomit

c          Misadventure

d          Asphyxia


8         What was the former name of ACDC Lane in Melbourne?

a          Crombie Lane

b          Caledonian Lane

c          Celestial Lane

d          Corporation Lane


9         In 2002, Mariah Carey performed AC/DC’s classic ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ at a Las Vegas concert, a performance placed by US cable channel VH1 at number three on its ‘List of Least Metal Moments’.

a          True

b          False



ANSWERS — 1 d, 2 c, 3 b, 4 d, 5 a, 6 c, 7 c, 8 d, 9 b (it was Celine Dion).


Quizmaster: Pete Cruttenden

Illustrator: Michael Weldon