The Listies Fruity Language

4 May 2016 The Listies

The Listies Fruity Language

Photographs by iStock and Getty Images/Frederick M Brown

The Listies regularly entertain us with their hilarious take on stuff and this foodie list, in particular, had us in stitches.  


Pairing food and wine is a thing. So, why not pair food and fame?

Fancy a political soiree? We have the ideal menu:
• Jacqui Rack of Lambie
• Bananaby Joyce
• PM Malcolm Turnipbull
• The Herby Leader of the Labor Party, Dill Shorten
• Kevin Spudd
• Bob Brown Onion
• Harold Salt – he dissolved into the ocean.

For a more international flavour serve:
• Celery Clinton
• Cucumbernie Sanders
• Marco Rhubarbio
• Bread Cruz
• And yes, Donald Crumpets.

Looking for more of a celebrity flavour? Try:
• Jennifer Cantalopez (don’t be fooled by the seeds that’s she’s got; she’s still Jenny from the rockmelon)
• Durian Durian
• Pumpkim Kardashian
• Madoner Kebab
• Peayoncé
• Date Blanchett, Date Winslet, Date Moss – put them all together and you
get a Date Bush
• Heather Locklear, because she played Amandarin Melrose Place
• Melon DeGeneres
• Kale Minogue
• And there’s no going past Almond Schwarzenegger, with his catchphrase: “I’ll be snacks”.

by The Listies (@thelisties)

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