Editorial: Pick of the Bunch

25 August 2016 Amy Hetherington

Editorial: Pick of the Bunch

Illustration by Eirian Chapman

"Spring is nature's way of saying: ‘Let’s party!’” said the wonderful Robin Williams. And what better way to celebrate the promise of sunshiny days than the release of our 12th annual Fiction Edition. We present you this literary gift, a bouquet of a dozen stories from a mix of big-name Australian authors and budding new talent. The 12 works are made all the more colourful thanks to the beautifully poetic
illustrations by artist Eirian Chapman. 

Every year, this is one of our most anticipated editions, and is now one of the biggest-selling fiction magazines in the country. What’s more, it has 16 extra pages, made possible due to the generous support of the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.

This year, five of the stories come from some of our favourite writers. The rest were selected from almost 350 open submissions. A big thanks to our judging panel: books editor Thuy On and former film editor Rochelle Siemienowicz. Their shortlist was debated by newly appointed deputy editor Katherine Smyrk, Michael Epis, Anastasia Safioleas, Lorraine Pink and myself. Two of the stories have already been chosen for 2016’s Best Australian Stories

You may notice that some of our regular features are on hiatus for this edition, but they’ll be back in a fortnight. Until then, enjoy this collection of stories: over a cuppa, on the train, sitting up in bed or perhaps while enjoying that longed for springtime sun.

Amy Hetherington, Editor

This editorial first appeared in Ed#519 of The Big Issue.