Ice-Cream, You Scream!

18 November 2016 Lorin Clarke

Ice-Cream, You Scream!

It’s pretty great that nobody has yet improved upon the car indicator. A light turns on and off really quickly on one side of a car and we all know what it means. Better still, we hear the clicking inside our own heads when we see the light, even when we’re not in the actual car. Recently, some luxury cars have tried to posh-up the indicator by making it fade on and off from the inside to the outside. Nope. Tampering with perfection. The car indicator; it’s a simple idea by a thoughtful genius who may or may not still be alive to this day. Hats off to that person.

It’s pretty great that riding a bike makes you feel seven again, but when you were seven riding a bike made you feel like a grown-up.

The word “dastardly” is pretty great.

It’s pretty great that you can be in the biggest venue you’ve ever been to, and still feel completely alone in your own head.

Watching someone you love singing to themselves when they think they’re alone? So great.

It’s great when ugly things present beautifully, like when you’re at a petrol station off a huge highway in the middle of the night and it’s noisy and smelly and ugly and awful, and the darkness is scary but the lights are depressing, and you’re tired and not where you want to be, and then you stop… because you realise that it’s just been raining. The ground, shining from the rainwater, is covered in petrol rainbows, swirling and connecting like happy little fairy lakes across a dark and peaceful landscape. Kind of great!
It’s great when you read a bit in a book that feels so true that you say “yes!” out loud. Then you realise that the writer has been dead for a long time and you are basically having a conversation with a person whose life never had you in it.

It’s pretty great when someone you know quite well in one context turns out to be exceptional at a life skill you never would have anticipated, like cooking, or being hilarious with children, or quietly talking to dogs.

Foot-dangling is nice. Over a jetty is best. A drink of something or a good conversation for extra points here.

Talking while walking, especially at night, is great. Something about the anonymity of darkness, and the sound of your voice at night, and that everybody involved is, literally and metaphorically, heading in the same direction, conspires to provide great conversation.

It’s pretty great when you run out of things to say because you’re all looking at an open fire.
It’s pretty great when you thought you’d miss your train but you made it and another person in the carriage looks at you as if to say, “Well done. You’re here now. Relax. You’ve earned this.”

It’s pretty great when two musicians exchange a smile and the smile is born of the music. That music just told a little joke.

The word “earthworm” is great. A little thing like a worm, and a big thing like the earth, and they’re linguistically part of each other.

Ice-cream: just great. Don’t care what kind. Whatever kind you like. Vegan, choc-top, cone or cup. The little science project of trying to eat an ice-cream before it melts all over you is a study of significant importance for all people of all ages. Do not lose focus. You’ve got this.

There you go, you see? That isn’t even all of them! Have a look around! Admittedly, sometimes you might have to look pretty hard. But you’ll find one.

Something tiny. Something nobody else has noticed. A lot of things are rubbish, but some things are quietly great. Keep an eye out. Especially for the ice-cream.

by Lorin Clarke

This article was first publised in Ed#525 of The Big Issue.