Merry Christmas From Us to You

5 December 2016 Amy Hetherington

Merry Christmas From Us to You

I have been selling The Big Issue for a little over three years now and it has changed my life. I’ve been looking forward to Christmas so that I can dress up as Santa. Last year I got a lot of smiles and a lot of photos, so hopefully there will be some more this year. It’s all fun; I’ve dressed up as SpongeBob, Pikachu, Elvis and The Beatles.

I work in Newtown and it’s been pretty good. I’m more confident in myself now and I like talking to people.

Before I came to The Big Issue I was on the street begging a bit and going down to Martin Place where they have a night food van. I was doing that for at least two years before I started here. After a few years at The Big Issue I’ve got a place in Newtown. I told one of my regulars what my situation was and she told me that she would look into it. Three days later she came back and said she had a place for me. I’ve been there for nine months now and after living on the streets for so long there is no way I’m going to give it up.

The Big Issue has certainly helped me turn my life around. The staff are great and I have had the opportunity to do things like the City2Surf for the first time ever.

Merry Christmas to everybody at The Big Issue and all my customers who’ve helped change my life.

Robbo (this year’s Christmas cover star) sells The Big Issue in Newtown, Sydney.

In the Christmas edition of The Big Issue, there are eight whole pages of memories, wishes and festive feelings written by vendors from around the country. Grab a copy now to read more like this!