Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

24 March 2017 Amy Hetherington

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

To buy The Big Issue, of course!

Hilarious, right? I know you’ll be shocked to learn that I’m not a working comedian. That’s the other Amy Hetherington. The real stand-up. The one with a show, Terminally Positive, at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We may share the same name, but I break out in a sweat thinking about telling jokes, in the spotlight, for an hour!
We’re often mixed up online; I’m tagged into her social media shenanigans. I pretend I’m 27 again. And ridiculously funny.

And, after I called her for a chat last week, we discovered it’s sometimes a case of mistaken identities IRL, too. Turns out, Darwin-based Amy is often asked if she’s related to my Darwin-based dad. No. There’s just two Hetheringtons in town.
When I was named as the new editor of The Big Issue last June, Amy was roundly congratulated online by her friends, acquaintances and university professors stoked to hear she’d got the job. And my colleagues here were a little surprised to Google-discover their new editor was a stand-up comedian, even if she had been shortlisted as Young Australian of the Year. Did I mention other Amy is very impressive?

So, inspired by my alter ego, we present to you our big comedy edition. Not to mention we’re in the middle of comedy season, with many of our nation’s funniest performing at festivals around the country. We’ve invited some of them to write. The brief: funny personal stories. Big thanks to all of our guest comedians and resident funny people.
I’ll be meeting other Amy at her gig. Hopefully, our worlds won’t explode as our alternative universes collide. Outrageously, I’m never mistaken for the third Amy Hetherington, the anatomically perfect underwear model from Canberra. So a lingerie edition won’t be on the cards any time soon.

By Amy Hetherington, Editor

This editorial first appeared in Ed#533 of The Big Issue.