Editorial: The Wonder Years

22 May 2017 Amy Hetherington

Editorial: The Wonder Years

Oh. My. Goddess! It’s been 75 years in the making, and now Wonder Woman is finally hitting the big screen in a movie of her own. Some of us here at The Big Issue HQ couldn’t be more excited that our childhood hero is getting her dues. The Lynda Carter-era TV theme-song has been on high-rotation – it’s well-worth a listen for the lyrics alone (In your satin tights/Fighting for your rights). And Contributing Editor Anastasia Safioleas (who it must be said bears a resemblance to Diana Prince) has been channelling her inner Amazonian for this edition’s cover story – tapping away at her desk in her cape and golden cuffs. In ‘It’s a Wonder Woman World’ (p14), she discovers the story behind the legend, and explains why Wonder Woman is the hero for our times. We also speak with Sydney-based artist Nicola Scott (p17), who has one of the world’s best jobs: bringing Wonder Woman comics to life. And we go behind the scenes with Gal Gadot (p19), the actor bestowed the honour of wielding the Lasso of Truth. 

We all have wonder women in our own lives. They’re everywhere, just not wearing capes. I’m surrounded by so many formidable women, from my mum, to my three sisters, 10 aunties and 16 cousins, not to mention friends, colleagues and vendors who are achieving remarkable things in their own lives.

In this edition, Deputy Editor Katherine Smyrk talks to two truly wonderful Australian women. On the 20th anniversary of the Bringing Them Home report into the Stolen Generations, Indigenous rights advocate Aunty Lorraine Peeters (p20) shares her story of being forcibly removed from her family as a child and her subsequent path to healing that has seen her help and empower others from the Stolen Generations.

And, in Letter to My Younger Self, best-selling author Mem Fox (p28) talks Possum Magic, childhood literacy and opening our heart as a nation. 

Amy Hetherington, Editor 

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