Your Say: When Daphne Met Harry

28 June 2017 Michelle Haywood

Your Say: When Daphne Met Harry

At 97, there aren’t too many reunions my mother Daphne can attend. But walking back from the train station after a lunch celebrating the 75th anniversary of the WWII Bomber Command Unit, she saw Alex – her local Big Issue vendor. He’s been selling The Big Issue in the area for 15 years. He was holding the issue that sports a smiling Prince Harry on the cover. Daphne shared her special Prince Harry reunion story with Alex – she was the luckiest lady in Sydney as she got to share a kiss, hug and chat with the prince on his latest visit. She had waited in the pouring rain for hours hoping to meet her prince again! In 2015, Prince Harry saw Daphne at the Sydney Opera House; she was wearing both hers and her late husband’s WWII medals, just as she was now. Harry exclaimed “Daphne!” when he saw her, with outstretched arms and the bonniest smile. Her wait had been rewarded and will be forever cherished.

Michelle Haywood, Kirribilli, NSW.

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