Editorial: Twice As Nice

28 July 2017 Amy Hetherington

Editorial: Twice As Nice

Hamish and Andy. Andy and Hamish. No, you’re not seeing double; we like them so much, we’ve put them on the cover twice (or is that several times?) on our first-ever flip cover.

We interviewed Hamish and Andy back in 2008, then a cheeky pair of twenty-somethings making us laugh across radio and TV. Now, almost a decade later, they’re just as funny, their banter effortless, as they explain to former associate editor Melissa Cranenburgh (p14) just what makes their 16-year “marriage” work. Their secret: friendship, laughter and an audience that’s an eager extension of their two-man team.

Their new TV show True Story celebrates “the best true stories you’ve never heard” – hilariously bizarre tales recounted by their loyal listeners. The twist: well-known actors stand in for the real-life players in the yarn.

It’s these type of stories, extraordinary pieces from everyday people, that also drive The Big Issue. This edition falls during Homelessness Week (7-13 August), and while homelessness needs to be addressed week in, week out, it’s an important reminder that more than 105,000 Australians are doing it tough.

In this issue, Melbourne vendor Sharon (p18) writes a revealing account of her life selling The Big Issue on the city streets in weather fair or foul. It’s the people, the passersby, that inspire her snapshot of a city.

We also go global: deputy editor Katherine Smyrk interviews former US vice-president Al Gore about the new challenges to climate change and his long-awaited second film, An Inconvenient Sequel (p20).

Plus we feature a Letter to My Younger Self with Star Trek superstar George Takei (p28); and local actor Aaron Pedersen talks about playing the ultimate bad guy (p32).

It’s a big edition every way you look at it – back or front, Hamish or Andy!

Amy Hetherington, Editor 

This article first appeared in Ed#542 of The Big Issue