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22 August 2017 Thuy On

Coming Up...

In the next Big Issue we present to you the much-awaited annual Fiction Edition, where the regular sections will make way for a hand-picked assortment of 14 commissioned and submitted short stories. Along with fellow judge Jo Case, I have trawled through 562 tales (all judged blindly). This is a record number of entries and shows just how many writers are out there keen to have their words in the magazine. This initial batch of submissions revealed a preoccupation with death, relationship permutations and gritty social landscapes. There were also quite a number of stories from the point of view of both animals and inanimate objects! We chose a long list of 30 titles, which were then vigorously debated within the editorial team (and by guest judge, award-winning author Nick Earls) to whittle them down further. It always gets a bit heated with these discussions. Some stories have many fans and are easily slotted a place; others elicit only faint praise upon repeated reading and are rejected; some reveal hidden depths when championed by an enthusiastic backer. In the bumper 68-page edition, well-known literary names will be nestled next to emerging writers. We tried hard to offer an eclectic range of fiction, to capture different themes and narrative styles. We hope they will resonate with you.

Thuy On, Books Editor

The Big Issue Fiction Edition hits the streets 25 August!