Editorial: Read is Good

24 August 2017 Katherine Smyrk

Editorial: Read is Good

Hanging on a wall in my apartment is a short story. The type is small and I have to lean across an armchair to read it properly. But occasionally I’ll spot a sentence, a phrase, that makes me stop. The story is ‘Good Morning, Again’, by Elliot Perlman. It was published in Ed#244, the second ever Big Issue Fiction Edition. 

Now, we are sending off our 13th Fiction Edition and, in one of those delicious coincidences some like to call fate, it also features a story by Perlman. To make it more tasty again, this edition features a piece from mega-selling author Matthew Reilly, who also had a story in Ed#244. 

There are gems in every Fiction Edition; stories that compel you to pull a page from its binding and stick it on your wall. You might not read it often, but you want to remember how it made you feel. 

This year we had a record number of submissions, shortlisted by our Books Editor Thuy On, and former Books Editor Jo Case. The final 14 were stirringly debated by them and Amy Hetherington, Anastasia Safioleas, Michael Epis, Lorraine Pink and me, with special help from our guest judge, the inimitable Nick Earls, who offered wise words and kept us on our best behaviour. We also have 20 extra pages in this edition to showcase more of this bold, exciting, moving writing – all made possible by the generous support of the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund. And, as a final cherry on top, each story is accompanied by the effervescent illustrations of Sydney-based illustrator, Daniel Gray-Barnett

I’m not quite sure I have enough wall space to accommodate all of these stories, but I will sure try. We hope you enjoy it. 

Katherine Smyrk, Deputy Editor 

This article first appeared in Ed#544 of The Big Issue. Grab your copy today to read 14 amazing short stories!