Editorial: Midnight Special

6 October 2017 Amy Hetherington

Editorial: Midnight Special

In February, our Big Issue Classroom colleague Mel came bursting through the door, eyes bright, grin huge. Midnight Oil were reforming. Touring! For the first time in 15 years. 

A call from our music editor Sarah Smith. Big news: Midnight Oil. The legendary Oz-rockers were back. 

Emails and more messages from vendors around the country: Midnight Oil. Midnight Oil. Midnight Oil.

The passion was palpable. Their fans loud. We knew we had to cover them. Amazingly, the Oils themselves have joined the party.

In this special edition, we go on the road with the Oils, from Coogee to Rio, through the US to Europe, and back home again to sell-out crowds. Guitarist Jim Moginie takes us behind the scenes of The Great Circle world tour in his revealing (and very funny) tour diary, penned exclusively for The Big Issue (p14). He also shares some snaps of life on and off stage along the way.

The Oils have always been more than rock’n’roll, more than world-famous dance moves. Their lyrics about social justice, Indigenous rights and environmentalism have inspired action and change, and continue to speak all these years later.

The band have long been friends of The Big Issue. Peter Garrett has worked several shifts selling the magazine under the guidance of our vendors, and has respect for the work they do, admitting he “didn’t realise how hard it would be”. In this issue, our vendors turn reporters, interviewing the Oils frontman about music, politics and making the world a better place (p18). And what does he think of The Big Issue? “I really like the magazine and read it regularly,” Garrett tells Brisbane vendor Ted J. “It’s down to earth and gives a great insight to people who are doing it tough, but who are on their way to a brighter future.”

Amy Hetherington (@amyhetherington), Editor 

This article first appeared in Ed#547 of The Big Issue