A Glitch in Time  Q&A with Emma Booth

13 December 2017 Guy Davis

A Glitch in Time  Q&A with Emma Booth


Life goes on for the handful of people who have returned from the dead in the second season of the acclaimed ABC series Glitch, which explores the mystery – and the emotional repercussions – of an unexpected resurrection in a small Australian town.

One of the characters who faces confusion and complications upon coming back to life is Kate Willis, played by Emma Booth. Returning to life a year after her death from breast cancer, Kate discovers her husband has started a relationship with her best friend, and that the two are expecting a child.

We speak to Booth about her character coming to terms with this development, the strange circumstances surrounding her resurrection and what the second season has in store for her.

Guy Davis: Glitch was well-received here in Australia. But were you surprised by how international audiences responded to it?

Emma Booth: Yes, because we won all these awards over here, and then things just went quiet for a while. I didn’t even know it was going on Netflix around the world, but then I was inundated with messages from people from everywhere. Turns out we were dubbed into 80 languages – it’s huge in Brazil! – so it had this whole new life. It goes to show you never know who a story will connect with, but we’re all thrilled about this incredible following.

GD: And from what I understand, that following tends to connect with the show and its themes very strongly.

EB: I have this penpal in Sydney – this little girl who made a Glitch fan page. We write to each other all the time, and she told me that Glitch has changed her life by helping her work through personal problems that she had. Storytelling is how we connect – Patrick [Brammall, Booth’s Glitch co-star] had this beautiful experience a while back when a woman came up to him and told him that her husband had died, and that seeing the relationships in Glitch, how these people coped with loss and related to one another, really helped her through it. It’s so rewarding when something like that happens. It’s what art is for.

GD: Can you give us a rundown of the continuing journey for your character Kate in season two of Glitch?

EB: I don’t know what I can tell you – there are so many possible spoilers! But I can say season two is really empowering for Kate. She really comes into her power, discovers more about how she is. I was reading the scripts and going “Are you kidding me?” The same goes for the whole story, though; there are these constant ‘what the fuck?’ explosions all throughout. And the new season answers a lot of questions about the previous season, but the answers tend to bring up more questions. The audience is definitely going to want another season. I do! I need to see this story through to the end.

Glitch: Season Two is now available on DVD.