Ben Stratton: I知 happy for everyone in the team to grow a mullet

2 May 2018 Amy Hetherington

Ben Stratton: I知 happy for everyone in the team to grow a mullet

Ben Stratton

Big Issue editor Amy Hetherington talks to Ben Stratton from Hawthorn Football Club about his magic mullet and continuing a proud AFL tradition. 


Why the mullet?

I suppose I’ve always wanted a mullet at one stage in my life and this is it. This is the year of me having a mullet.

Why have you always wanted one?

There’s this surfer Mikey Wright, he’s my inspiration – he’s running a mullet and seems like a mad dog.

So not inspired by Hawk greats Jason Dunstall, Gary Ayres, or Dermie [Brereton]?

Those boys did have some pretty mean ones.

Who had the best Hawthorn mullet?

I think they all had slightly different mullets. Dermie’s was quite curly and quite boofy, and there’s a picture of Gary Ayres at the club and his looks like a bit of horse mane, which is pretty impressive. They are all different in their own right. I think they all should be celebrated.

Dermie once confessed that he used OMO, laundry powder, to maintain his mullet...Do you have any hair-care tips?

No, I just let it flow in the wind. Let it flow free.

Does your mullet have a nickname?

The lady that cuts it named it The Magic Mullet.

Would you recommend others getting a mullet?

I’d say the more the merrier. I’m happy for everyone in the team to grow a mullet, that would be pretty cool. Everyone had it back in the 80s – they were just the norm. So maybe they might be the norm in the next few years?

Why is the mullet making a comeback?

I think everything sort of goes in cycles. Even hula hooping is making a comeback! Mullets are no different.

Mullet or mo?

Nah, the mo is done I reckon. Although if you are running both at the same time that’s a pretty good set-up.

What does your partner think of the mullet?

She’ll be happy to see the end of it, definitely.

You could get matching mullets?

Yeah I do quite like the look of a mullet on chicks – I’d be very supportive of that.

It’s supposed to keep your neck warm?

Yeah, and good for sunburn in the summer.

There you go! It’s saving lives!



Photo credit: AFL Media

This article first appeared in issue 560 of The Big Issue – the Mullet Edition