Baby Ginger Spice

31 May 2019 Malcolm Jack

Baby Ginger Spice

Singer Jess Glynne

Singer Jess Glynne has had the most Number 1 singles by a woman in the UK, but something even bigger is about to happen: she is supporting the Spice Girls on their stadium tour.

When I got asked to support the Spice Girls I couldn’t believe it. Growing up, I was a massive fan. I was obsessed. They were such a large part of my life as a kid. To be able to go on the road with them…it’s exciting, you know?

They were the first gig that I ever went to. I was with my dad and my sister and a friend of hers. I was probably nine or 10. I remember it being a massive show, and me being overwhelmed. My dad even took me to Oxford Street when they turned the Christmas lights on in 1996. Like I say, I was a really big fan.

As a kid, you’re looking up to these girls that seem really cool. They’re the biggest pop stars in the world. They’re doing things that you could only dream of as a child. And it becomes a thing. You’re in the playground, you’re playing Spice Girls. All five of you – you and your girls – you’re taking different parts. The thing about the Spice Girls is, yes they were a band, but they all had their own personas. If you were a gym girl you were Sporty. Obviously I was Ginger. Or Scary Spice if I wanted a change. It was a fun thing to be a part of as a child.

They were role models to be yourself. Girl power. When you’re a little girl and the boys are taking the mick out of you, you’ve got this band that are shouting from the roofs that girls win. And you’re like, yeah, fuck you!

Do I remember singing Spice Girls songs when I was a kid? Oh my God yeah. I used to sing as a kid non-stop. That was my thing. I never thought, oh I’m going to be a singer. It was always an obsession.

Maybe back in the day you wouldn’t have been so proud to be an artist and be inspired by the Spice Girls. But I’m definitely not ashamed to say I’m inspired by them. Because they were amazing performers. I had all of the memorabilia. I literally had a photo album, all the pictures, everything. I might still have it at my mum and dad’s house. If I have it, trust me, I would take it on the tour with me. But I don’t want to scare them.

by Malcolm Jack, The Big Issue UK

» This article was first published in Ed#588.