Make Buy Sell - Magazine Q&A

5 August 2019

Make Buy Sell - Magazine Q&A

The Big Issue has had some recent changes within the past year, so we thought we’d answer some questions we receive regularly about our magazine.


Why does the magazine now cost $9?

In December 2018 The Big Issue price point was changed to $9, the first change since 2015. With business costs increasing every year, this price rise means that The Big Issue can continue to operate as an independent, sustainable and successful social enterprise, and more importantly ensures that we can continue to provide meaningful work opportunities to people experiencing homelessness, marginalisation and disadvantage.
As always, half the cover price goes to the vendor, meaning vendors earn $4.50 from every sale. By making this change, vendors are now earning more from each sale of the magazine.


Do vendors have to purchase the magazines beforehand? If so, what if they can’t sell their magazines?

Vendors purchase the magazine for $4.50 and sell it for $9, making a $4.50 profit with every magazine sold.
There is no minimum number of magazines a vendor needs to purchase. When a vendor joins The Big Issue, we provide a few free magazines to get them started. Any unsold magazines can be returned for a refund or traded for the new edition if they prefer.


How can I purchase the magazine?

Vendors now have the option to accept digital payments via tap-and-go or mobile app Beem It, as well as cash. Though not all vendors have gone digital, chances are you'll pass someone on your walk to work who will gladly accept your card or app payment. Easy!


Isn’t The Big Issue just a scam?

Being on the street every day, trying to sell a magazine to busy people in all kinds of weather is not an easy job. If you were looking to ‘scam’ people off and make fast money, selling The Big Issue is not the right path. To quote our friends from The Big Issue UK: “To say that selling The Big Issue is a money-making scam is the same as saying going to work is a money-making scam.”

The Big Issue is a not-for-profit, social enterprise organisation. All our profits go towards producing our high-quality magazine, and supporting various programs that help those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage – such as the Women’s Subscription Enterprise and Community Street Soccer.