Q&A on Fiction Edition

We received 291 entries this year for the annual Big Issue fiction edition, which will go on sale in August. At the half-way mark in ...

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9 July 2013 Author: Thuy On

Quick Fix: Taken to Task

Dear Quick Fix,  I was told that women have exceptional multi-tasking skills, but so far my wife has proven a huge disappointment. I have never seen ...

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4 July 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

My Word: Call Me Koren

Ed#431, April 2013 It seems I’ve become something of a name tart, the kind of girl who recklessly responds to almost any sobriquet uttered in her ...

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25 June 2013 Author: Koren Helbig

Ed#435 When a Stranger Arrives

In the black-and-white world of 1960s TV, two shows captured my youthful imagination. One was The Samurai (1962–1965), a Japanese series featuring the noble warrior ...

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21 June 2013 Author: Alan Attwood

The Vault: Your Side

Mic Looby, Ed#428, March 2013 There was a time when lefties were thought of as gauche. Sinister, even. And some of them were. So let’s not ...

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13 June 2013 Author: Mic Looby

The Vault: Thank You-niverse

Sophie Quick, Ed#410, April 2012 For 28 days, Sophie Quick counts her blessings. Six years after divulging The Secret, it seems Australian self-help guru Rhonda Byrne forgot ...

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12 June 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

Quick Fix: Grave Concerns

Dear Quick Fix, Following a recent workplace promotion, I have moved to a new office workstation and I have come into a new mouse and mousepad. ...

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7 June 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

Ed#434 Letters from Pop

In 1967, aged 10, I wrote a letter to my maternal grandfather in Scotland, largely to show off a new set of pens. Somewhat to ...

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6 June 2013 Author: Alan Attwood

My Word: Thick as Thieves

Adam Curley and his cousin, Trish, share an uncommon closeness. Ed#390, September 2011 They called us ‘Trish’n’Ad’, rolling our names together the way you hope people don’t, ...

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4 June 2013 Author: Adam Curley

Cover Story: On Top of the Wor...

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the ascent of Everest. Alan Attwood explores the deadly allure of the highest peak on earth. It seems such a ...

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29 May 2013 Author: Alan Attwood