Ed#442 Good, Bad & Brideshead

It was early in the 1980s – a time before streaming and downloading, when the idea of recording something off the television (using an easily ...

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26 September 2013 Author: Alan Attwood

My Word: A Class Act

Caroline Parkinson, Ed#428, March 2013 While chasing her dreams in Los Angeles, Caroline Parkinson ends up exposing a few nightmares. I figured that going to an acting class ...

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25 September 2013 Author: Caroline Parkinson

Quick Fix: Patriot Act

Dear Quick Fix, I’ve had the huge honour of being asked to sing the national anthem at an upcoming egg-and-spoon championship in Humpty Doo, NT. I’ve ...

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25 September 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

The Vault: Sharing the Load

Patrick Witton, Ed#375, March 2011 As Australia’s cities grow, so do problems for commuters. Public transport isn’t keeping up and traffic jams are getting worse. Here's ...

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18 September 2013 Author: Patrick Witton

Ed#441 The Princess Died

In February 1981 I was a traveller in Spain. Out of touch with whatever was going on, I bought a newspaper – the International Herald ...

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13 September 2013 Author: Alan Attwood

Quick Fix: Fun Bun

Dear Quick Fix, My wife will be participating in a half-marathon fun run next week, to raise money for a wonderful and worthy charity. She has ...

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13 September 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

My Word: Sweet Pong of Victory

David Cohen, Ed#435, June 2013 David Cohen exposes the shadowy, even dangerous, world of that maligned and misunderstood sport: table tennis. As Wimbledon is ramping up, and ...

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3 September 2013 Author: David Cohen

Ed#440 You've Got to Choose

There was something missing from the 2013 federal election even before the campaigning began. Early in July, a month before Prime Minister Kevin Rudd declared ...

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30 August 2013 Author: Alan Attwood

Cover story: Original Cyndi

Clem Bastow, Ed#437, July 2013 Star with her smash debut album, She's So Unusual, "that wacky chick" from Queens, New York, is back as a serious ...

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28 August 2013 Author: Clem Bastow

Q&A with Junot Diaz

Junot Diaz is in town for the Melbourne Writers Festival. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised from the age of six in America, Diaz ...

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23 August 2013 Author: Sophie Quick