Cover story: Original Cyndi

Clem Bastow, Ed#437, July 2013 Star with her smash debut album, She's So Unusual, "that wacky chick" from Queens, New York, is back as a serious ...

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28 August 2013 Author: Clem Bastow

Q&A with Junot Diaz

Junot Diaz is in town for the Melbourne Writers Festival. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised from the age of six in America, Diaz ...

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23 August 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

Quick Fix: The Right Ringtone

Dear Quick Fix, I am in the process of recruiting a new person to fill a vacancy in my small business. There is one candidate who ...

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22 August 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

Q&A with Jude Bridge

Perth-based writer Jude Bridge has been published twice in The Big Issue’s annual fiction edition. In both cases, Jude’s work was picked from hundreds of ...

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21 August 2013 Author: Jude Bridge

Cover story: Addicted to Love

Toni Jordan, Ed#438, August 2013 On the screen and on the page, romance is big business. And, as author Toni Jordan reveals, it’s a genre destined to ...

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19 August 2013 Author: Toni Jordan

Ed#439 Please Mr Postman

Every year, in the week or so leading up to the closing date for entries for our fiction edition, the pile of mail heading up ...

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16 August 2013 Author: Alan Attwood

Quick Fix: A Safe Look

Dear Quick Fix, I am a bold and gypsy-spirited young style-maverick who literally lives and breathes fashion. My personal aesthetic is very eclectic: I love to ...

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14 August 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

The Vault: Handed Down

Helen Razer, Ed#437, July 2013 “I love my hands,” my mother said to me last weekend. “I think they’re beautiful”. We were in the local, awaiting the ...

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12 August 2013 Author: Helen Razer

Q&A with Lisa Mansfield

Big Issue Art Director Lisa Mansfield has been in the publishing biz for 20 years. Before coming to work with us, Lisa was a designer ...

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12 August 2013 Author: Lisa Mansfield

Ed#438 Love My Neighbour

Next to this page sits our ‘Vendor Profile’. On it, edition after edition, are tales of the most extraordinary lives: those of the people you ...

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2 August 2013 Author: Melissa Cranenburgh