My Word: Views from My Pitch

Mariann B, Ed#421, December 2012 In very exciting news, our own Mariann B has been nominated for a fancy award at the 2013 International Street Paper ...

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30 July 2013 Author: Mariann B

Quick Fix: Failure to Lunch

Dear Quick Fix, Every single time I arrange to have lunch with my friend, Philip, he cancels. He always seems to have some sort of excuse. ...

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26 July 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

The Vault: Hip Chicks

Fiona Scott-Norman, Ed#430, April 2013 It’s finally happened. I am on trend. No, not for being a tall, mouthy bint of a certain age. That train ...

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23 July 2013 Author: Fiona Scott-Norman

Ed#437 Boots and All

Three years ago I was browsing through a selection of CDs that had come into The Big Issue office for review purposes. In a small ...

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19 July 2013 Author: Alan Attwood

Cover Story: Just Super

Anthony Morris, Ed#435, July 2013 Another movie is upon us; another chapter in the long and convoluted tale of the original superhero. Batman is now cool; ...

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10 July 2013 Author: Anthony Morris

Quick Fix: In-flight Entertain...

Dear Quick Fix, I am a natural storyteller and a frequent flyer. One of the great pleasures of travelling for me is meeting fellow passengers on the ...

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10 July 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

Ed#436 Hitting the High Notes

When I heard that actor James Gandolfini had died recently I immediately sent an email to a friend. “Heard the news about Tony Soprano?” I ...

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9 July 2013 Author: Alan Attwood

Q&A on Fiction Edition

We received 291 entries this year for the annual Big Issue fiction edition, which will go on sale in August. At the half-way mark in ...

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9 July 2013 Author: Thuy On

Quick Fix: Taken to Task

Dear Quick Fix,  I was told that women have exceptional multi-tasking skills, but so far my wife has proven a huge disappointment. I have never seen ...

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4 July 2013 Author: Sophie Quick

My Word: Call Me Koren

Ed#431, April 2013 It seems I’ve become something of a name tart, the kind of girl who recklessly responds to almost any sobriquet uttered in her ...

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25 June 2013 Author: Koren Helbig