The Vault: Best of Oz Kulture

Highlights from the popular, long-running ‘Orstralian Kulture’ series by columnist Patrick Witton and illustrator Michael Weldon. The pair have been misinforming Big Issue readers since 2008. For most ...

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9 January 2013 Author: Patrick Witton

Crossing Words

What’s a ‘cruciverbalist’? What are ‘unches’? Do crossword compilers have a secret handshake? The Big Issue’s new crossword setter, Rachel Kelly, explained all about the ...

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20 December 2012 Author: Rachel Kelly

Cover Story: King Hit

Sophie Quick, Ed#420, November 2012 80 years after the original film, King Kong will once again set audiences shrieking. But this time the world’s most famous ...

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10 December 2012 Author: Sophie Quick

Ed#421 Positive Connections

Let’s borrow the Tardis from Doctor Who for a moment and head back to December 2007. Things were different then. Australia was led by a ...

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4 December 2012 Author: Alan Attwood

Ed#420 From Gorillas to Ducks

No doubt there are film buffs who remember Bureau of Missing Persons, a Bette Davis movie from 1933. Also The Ghoul (with Boris Karloff), Hold ...

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20 November 2012 Author: Alan Attwood

Different Kinds of Loss

Just recently, a flyer appeared outside the station closest to The Big Issue’s Melbourne office. It showed a young woman’s face under the stark headline ...

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9 October 2012 Author: Alan Attwood

Shaken, not stirred

I once heard a story about a guy named Charlie Brown. One of the secrets of his success – he was a salesman – was ...

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25 September 2012 Author: Alan Attwood