A Hole in Their Bucket

Helen Razer on bucket lists and why she'll never "swim with a dolphin" or "dance like no-one is watching".

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26 April 2016 Author: Helen Razer

Razer: To Be Sure, To Be Sure

Helen Razer on the Irish art of conversation...and how it could help us all.

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25 June 2015 Author: Helen Razer

Razer: Cult Following

Someone has stolen all the brains...

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12 May 2015 Author: Helen Razer

Seeds of Change

Helen Razer on fearing change.

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12 March 2015 Author: Helen Razer

Heavy Hearts

Helen Razer on the sadness epidemic.

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30 April 2014 Author: Helen Razer

Monumental Reminder

Helen Razer, Ed#395, December 2012 Generally speaking, I fail to do as a compassionate citizen should on Remembrance Day, and last month was no exception. This ...

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11 November 2013 Author: Helen Razer

The Vault: Handed Down

Helen Razer, Ed#437, July 2013 “I love my hands,” my mother said to me last weekend. “I think they’re beautiful”. We were in the local, awaiting the ...

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12 August 2013 Author: Helen Razer