Play With Us

Play with us

Want to get active and make new friends? Head down to your local Street Soccer program and join in the fun. It's completely free and open to everyone, regardless of whether you've played soccer before or not.

Who participates in Street Soccer?

Street Soccer is open to males and females aged 16 years and above. Our players come from many walks of life, but all have been marginalised in some way. This could be through factors such as mental illness, homelessness, refugee status, drug and alcohol dependency, physical disability, long-term unemployment or family breakdown.

What happens at weekly Street Soccer training?

Weekly training sessions are fun, safe and provide a great opportunity to make new friends. Each session incorporates some stretching, simple fitness work, skill work and a fun match. Led by an experienced and dedicated coach, there is a great sense of enjoyment, encouragement and camaraderie at the training sessions.

Who are the coaches?

Our coaches are enthusiastic, patient and motivated individuals who come from a range of backgrounds. Coaches encourage players to not only improve their soccer skills and fitness but, most importantly, to improve their lives. They act as role models, linking players to appropriate support services.

What do players need to participate?

The program is FREE. Players should bring some basic sports shoes and clothing for training. If you do not have the appropriate shoes or clothing, your local coach may be able to assist.

Can people come and watch or volunteer if they aren’t up to playing or do not want to play?

If you’re not physically up to playing or prefer to be involved in another way, you are more than welcome to come along and watch. Volunteering opportunities may also be available. Please discuss with your local coach.

Refer a player

Many of our participants come through referrals from hostels and boarding houses, community centres and welfare agencies.

While some participants will have the confidence to go to training alone, others may need the support of their case worker to be transported or introduced to the program. Case workers can contact their local program in the first instance to get advice, inform them of the client’s needs and arrange their first visit to training.

To contact a coach or find a Street Soccer training site in your area, click here

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