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The Big Issue Digital edition

You can now buy a digital version of The Big Issue magazine directly from your vendor. Our Digital Edition is perfect for people who love The Big Issue, but don’t want to carry around the hard copy all week while they delve into the great content. It can also easily be sent to that friend far away who is missing their fortnightly Big Issue fix.

The Digital Edition has the same great articles as the print copy, plus some extra multimedia content and interactivity. Read follow-up stories or tweet at your favourite columnist with one click.

The digital card has a unique access code on the back, which gives you the flexibility to view it on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It costs $9 – the same as the print copy – with vendors still earning $4.50 from every sale.

Set up your account now and view a free sample of our digital edition.

General FAQs

How do I buy The Big Issue Digital Edition?

  • The Big Issue Digital Edition is sold by vendors on the street, in exactly the same way as print copies of the magazine. For $9, you receive a printed card (the size of a business card), with a silver panel on the back. Scratched away, this panel reveals a unique access code that will unlock the edition you’ve paid for. Every card is a winner.

Will all vendors sell digital editions?

  • Vendors decide themselves whether or not to stock copies of The Big Issue Digital Edition. But the greater the demand, the more likely your vendor will be to stock them. So, get asking!

How much will the digital version cost and will vendors still earn half?

  • The Big Issue Digital Edition costs $9, the same as the print edition. Vendors buy their cards for $4.50, and the difference goes directly in their pockets. The $4.50 that The Big Issue receives from each sale goes back into initiatives that support homeless and disadvantaged people.

Can I get a subscription to the Digital Edition?

  • Subscriptions to The Big Issue Digital Edition are now available through our Women’s Subscription Enterprise. Homeless and disadvantaged women are employed to help with the preparation and distribution of the digital access codes to subscribers every fortnight, giving them an income as well as access to training, mentoring and support.

What devices can The Big Issue Digital Edition be accessed on?

  • The Big Issue Digital Edition can be accessed on most devices, but it is optimised to work on desktops, laptops and tablets. You will be able to access any one copy of the Digital Edition from up to five different devices.

How long will I have to access my copy of The Big Issue Digital Edition?

  • You will be able to view your copy of The Big Issue Digital Edition for up to 12 months. The 12-month period begins from the final on-sale date advertised on the cover of the digital edition you’ve purchased.


Technical FAQs

I am getting a message that I have exceeded the maximum concurrent logins:

  • If you are logged into The Big Issue Digital Edition on more than one computer or device, you may see this message. You may also get this message if you are logged into The Big Issue Digital Edition from two different browsers on the same computer at the same time.
    You are only permitted to logon from one computer at a time. Simply log off one device first, before you logon to another computer.

I’m trying to read the Digital Edition on my smartphone but it is not replicating well:

  • Although The Big Issue Digital Edition works on a smart phone, it has not been specifically designed for it and may not translate well.  The Digital Edition is currently optimised for desktops, laptops and tablets.

I get asked to login every time I try and turn a page:

  • You will need to make sure that cookies are enabled for this website. If you do not have cookies enabled, it may ask you to login at every page turn.

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