Germaine Greer

22 May 2012 #407

Cover Story: Germaine Greer

She’s a high-profile Australian on the international stage and her influence on generations of women is incalculable. But lately, Germaine Greer, now 73, has been raising eyebrows. In this edition, Benjamin Law, Clementine Bastow, Susan Leith-Miller and Ruby Lohman present their perspectives on the marvellous and maddening Professor Greer.

Melissa Cranenburgh talks rocks, paper…and self-help with controversial memoirist Augusten Burroughs; Anthony Morris ponders the marketing tactics behind Alien director Ridley Scott’s new film; the Governor-General joins the gang at the Women’s Subscription Enterprise; and ‘Roving Eye’ takes a peak at the weird and wonderful specimens stored out of public view at the American Museum of Natural History.

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