Bill Bailey

14 August 2012 #413

Cover Story: Bill Bailey

He might be a comedian first and foremost, but Bill Bailey has other talents hidden under his beard. The hairy and hilarious entertainer speaks with Alan Attwood – a conversation that traverses dubstep, birdlife, bankers and the scourge of social media impersonators.

Heidi Maier discusses mothers and Mark Ronson with Rufus Wainwright; Melissa Cranenburgh talks tiny tales with short-story writer Josephine Rowe; indie filmmaker Wes Anderson discusses his latest flick, Moonrise Kingdom; Eszter Vasenszky salutes her sun-smart but sartorially suspect dad in ‘My Word’; and in ‘Roving Eye’, we celebrate the ingenuity of the people of Cuba, after 50 years of the US trade embargo.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Berenice from Adelaide and we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Anthony in Adelaide and from John, Mitchell and Marcus in Sydney. Tea-drinkers: look out for Stephen from Brisbane’s ode: ‘Sea of Tea’ – it’s a winner. We also have a photo from the Victorian Street Soccer Championships and a caricature of our Editor, Alan Attwood, sketched by street soccer star, David S.

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