What happened to hope?

2 November 2012 #419

Cover Story: What happened to hope?

Four years ago, his ascendancy inspired the world. As President, Barack Obama tussled with plummeting money markets, reformed the US healthcare system and hunted down Osama Bin Laden. So, what went wrong? In this edition, Alan Attwood investigates why Obama has had to fight so hard for re-election.

Aaron Sorkin talks new challenges and The Newsroom; Leah Carri reviews the new Sarah Blasko album; Dead Europe director Tony Krawitz describes filming ‘the unfilmable’ to Rebecca Harkins-Cross; Heidi Maier talks music and mutts with country legend Emmylou Harris; and, in ‘Roving Eye’, we present extraordinary stills from a video series by the acclaimed Dutch photo-artist Rineke Dijkstra.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Cindy from Adelaide, and we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from John T in Brisbane, Athol and Robin in Sydney and Sarah, Stevo and Frank in Perth.

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