Monkey Business

16 November 2012 #420

Cover Story: Monkey Business

80 years after the original film, King Kong will once again set audiences shrieking. But this time the world’s most famous gorilla will be the star of a high-tech stage musical, which opens in Australia in June. This edition, we investigate why King Kong’s story is so timeless. And why people keep coming back for more monkey business.

Also in this issue:
Heidi Maier reviews the latest collection from the Women of Letters salon;  Luke Buckmaster traces the on-screen depiction of homelessness in film history; Jorrit R Dijkstra investigates the upcoming invasion of Australia by a group of Dutch DJs; and, in a very special feature, Michael Leunig selects four cartoons from his celebrated career and describes their creation, meaning and impact.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Gary from Brisbane, and we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Deb in Canberra, Kaye in Melbourne, Stephen G and James D in Brisbane, and Adam R and Mark P in Sydney. Sadly, this edition we also say goodbye to vendor Tim, who died in Sydney last month. Tim sold The Big Issue in Sydney and Brisbane over several years and was featured in a ‘Vendor Profile’ back in 2008. He will be missed by vendors and staff in several states.

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