Sunshine and Santa

30 November 2012 #421

Cover Story: Sunshine and Santa

It’s our annual ‘Big Wish You’ – where Big Issue vendors from all around Australia offer up reflections and words of wisdom on the year that was, and wishes for the celebrations ahead. It is by far the warmest, fuzziest thing going around this Christmas.

Also in this issue:

Emma Watson reveals some post-Potter plans; Ramona Koval tells Angela Meyer about her lifelong love of reading; Anthony Carew explains how former wedding singer Omar Souleyman transcended the ‘world music’ genre; Helen Razer threatens to dress in an elf suit; Melbourne vendor and writer Mariann B describes festive season street scenes in a special ‘My Word’; and in ‘Roving Eye’, we present incredible images from the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Johnnie from Melbourne. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Sam S in Adelaide; Nate, Pamela R, Fiona R and Eddy M in Sydney; Martin, Janine and Steve D in Brisbane; and Doug, Sharon and Ken in Melbourne. Our ‘Your Say’ letter of the fortnight winner is vendor Stephen from country Queensland, who penned a lovely response to our Ed#418 story on the Men’s Shed initiative.

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