The Cute Kitty Edition

25 January 2013 #424

Cover Story: The Cute Kitty Edition

In Ancient Egypt they were worshipped as gods, the Prophet Mohammed was said to favour one named Muezza, and these days they are gawked at for hours on the internet. So why are we obsessed with cats, the small furry carnivores among us? This edition, we investigate how the Felis catus, an animal that often seems only uninterested or self-interested, has managed to paw its way into the lives of so many people.

Anthony Carew meets Melbourne musician Chet Faker; Gerard Elson investigates the fascinating prevalence of the on-screen alcoholic; Sophie Quick reminisces about The Baby-sitters Club book series of her childhood; Dr Justin Coleman describes the challenges and rewards of a career in Indigenous health;  and, in ‘Roving Eye’, we present some striking images from the People and Planets International Photo Competition.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Eileen from Perth. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Marcus in Melbourne, Peter D, Marcus (a different Marcus!) and Glenn F in Sydney, Stephen M in Brisbane and Chris M in Adelaide. We also have a great photo of Cameron from the Parramatta Community Street Soccer Program with Adam Spencer at the launch of the Big Issue Street Football Festival in Sydney.

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