Wild Child

12 April 2013 #430

Cover Story: Wild Child

In her short career, Rihanna has made as many headlines for her social media activities as for her music. On Twitter, on tour, in the bath...Rihanna hasn’t blurred the line between public and private life; she has erased it altogether. Clementine Bastow considers the global reaction to the unrepentant Rihanna.

Charlie Sublet seeks the source of the Ganges; Doug Wallen revisits some favourite Little Golden Books; Anthony Carew reviews the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album; and Fiona Scott-Norman talks raising chickens. Meanwhile, Rebecca Harkins-Cross meets zom-rom-com director Jonathan Levine and Dan Rule gets soulful with singer Charles Bradley.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Pam from Canberra. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Gary, Glenn F and Pamela in Sydney; Michael in Brisbane, Graham in Perth and Jenny in Melbourne. We also have some great photos from our Barefoot Bowls fundraiser in Melbourne last month, where the level of bowling skill on display was frankly disgraceful – with the exception Ken, a Melbourne vendor and bowls ace.

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