Great Scott

24 May 2013 #433

Cover Story: Great Scott


Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby hits the big screen this month. Tom Hawking talks to actor Tobey Maguire about his star turn as Nick Carraway; Rebecca Harkins-Cross takes on the razzle dazzle of Brand Baz; and Alan Attwood re-opens F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic.

Cannes Film Festival correspondent Tara Judah reviews The Great Gatsby; Clementine Bastow reveals her family’s rocky history with The Rolling Stones; Zoe Barron celebrates her formerly sleepy hometown, Perth; Fiona Scott-Norman rails against rebranding; and in ‘Roving Eye’, photographer Jessie Boylan pulls the lives of sardine fisherman into the light.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Craig from Melbourne. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Marcus in Sydney, Sarah in Fremantle, Stephen in Brisbane and Conrad in Melbourne. Newcastle Street Soccer player Gary is pictured with his trusty bike and writes about his two-wheeled adventures. And we have a poetic contribution from Mick, who says he has suffered from mental illness for 20 years and wants to let people know he’s around.

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