Caine and Able

6 June 2013 #434

Cover Story: Caine and Able

Photograph by Papa G/camera Press/Austral Press

Michael Caine turned 80 in March. A grandfather of three, the dual Oscar winner has now been making movies for seven decades. Once he was associated with his 1960s character Alfie; now he’s more likely to be recognised as Batman’s butler. That’s fine by him. The important thing, as he makes clear in this edition’s interview, is that he’s still working.


A special focus on grandparents. Regular Big Issue contributor Betty Birskys, 87, shares her thoughts on life and longevity, while writers Kate Rizzetti and Steven Katsineris share their reflections on grandparents – the gifts they give us and the challenges they face. Meanwhile, Ashleigh Locker learns the meaning of ‘the good life’ from social researcher Hugh Mackay; Rochelle Siemienowicz meets award-winning Melbourne animator Isabel Peppard and, in ‘Roving Eye’, a photographer focuses on renovation workers in the recently reopened Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Stephen from Brisbane. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Frank in Perth, Owen D and Heba in Melbourne, Adam R and Bill in Sydney and Gino F in Brisbane

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