Addicted to Love

2 August 2013 #438

Cover Story: Addicted to Love

On the screen and on the page, romance is big business. And, as author Toni Jordan reveals, it’s a genre destined to live happily ever after…

Also in this issue:

Frances Ha star Greta Gerwig talks friendship and physical comedy with Doug Wallen, author Angela Savage tells Emily Laidlaw why she decided to give sandy, sunny Thailand a crime makeover; Paul Mitchell visits one of the world’s largest slums in Mumbai; and, in ‘Roving Eye’ photographer Rebecca Litchfield takes us on an eerie tour of Europe’s abandoned buildings.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ features Ashley from Perth.  And on ‘Streetsheet’ we have contributions from Ricky H in Adelaide, Rebecca C in Melbourne and Sheynelle in Sydney. We also have a great photo of Ipswich vendor Glenn posing with one of his many tenpin bowling trophies. 

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