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Bad Guy

27 September 2013 #442

Cover Story: Bad Guy

Hit TV series Breaking Bad is drawing to a close and fans are beginning to show signs of meltdown. But don’t despair just yet, we have enough Breaking Bad in this Big Issue to sustain you for at least a fortnight. After that, well…you’re on your own. In this edition, cover boy Bryan Cranston and series creator Vince Gilligan reflect on the show’s impact on popular culture; DVD editor Anthony Morris takes a look at how the hit series has changed the way we watch TV; and Melissa Cranenburgh reflects on her binge-viewing problem. 

Also in this issue:


Emily Laidlaw talks memoir-writing with New Zealand author Lloyd Jones; Doug Wallen meets unabashed idealist Moby; and Glenn Dunks spends a weekend with fellow David Lynch fans at the annual Twin Peaks Fest in North Bend, Washington.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ features Bradley from Sydney. And on ‘Streetsheet’ we have contributions from Emma and Brian in Melbourne, Gary in Brisbane, Bryan in Canberra, Jai J in Sydney and Steve in Perth. And we have a great photo of Melbourne vendor Lea and her loyal canine friend (and campaign strategist) Angel.

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