What's Cooking?

10 October 2013 #443

Cover Story: What's Cooking?

Bookshop shelves groan with books of recipes. TV schedules are stuffed with cooking shows. Chefs and restaurateurs achieve star status. Food fads change weekly. If we are what we eat, we must be confused. This edition, we present several perspectives on the sometimes-bewildering world of cooking, kitchens and celebrity chefs. 

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Hannah Brooks finds out why Joan Jett still loves rock’n’roll; Tim Kroenert talks with actor Aaron Pedersen about his new film, Mystery Road; Angie Andrewes investigates an insidious form of book censorship taking root in Australia; and, in ‘Roving Eye’, we present a charming photo series of pooches on porches in America’s Deep South.

This edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ features Bianca from Canberra. And on ‘Streetsheet’ we have contributions from Sharon from Melbourne, Frank from Perth, Ted and Ronnie S in Brisbane and Ricky H in Adelaide. We also have a very special report from Newcastle Street Soccer participant Gary, who completed Sydney’s City2Surf in August. 

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