X-Men (and women!)

23 May 2014 #459

Cover Story: X-Men (and women!)


Fifty years after the first comic, the X-Men’s reign continues – with its latest instalment, Days of Future Past, now hitting cinemas. This edition, Anthony Morris maps the evolution of the X-men, from comic-book mutants to big-screen superheroes. And Ellen Page (who returns in the role of Kitty Pryde) describes life as a movie mutant.


Director Craig Monahan discusses his new Hugo Weaving film, Healing; Throwing Muses indie icon Kristin Hersh talks music, memoir and memory; and Sian Prior discusses shyness. Meanwhile, Helen Razer has penned a downright disgusting column on her addiction to the demon dirt (ie gardening).

The star of this edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Jock from Perth. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Ronnie in Brisbane; Marc L in Canberra; Emma, Owen D and Jeff in Melbourne; and Chris R, Gary I, Alan H and Adam R in Sydney. We also have a great photo of Milsons Point, Sydney, Big Issue vendor Alex rubbing shoulders with long-term local resident (and we mean long term), 106-year-old Albert. 

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